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Message from the Principal of Whittlesea Secondary College:

Ms Lian Davies

Dear WSC Community,

I am delighted to have been appointed as Principal of Whittlesea Secondary College. Most recently, my roles were in Bundoora Secondary College as Acting Principal and Templestowe College as Assistant Principal. Both of these schools which embed student-centred learning with a focus on authentic student empowerment and personalised learning pathways, something which I’m keen to continue developing at WSC.  My background as an educator has involved working as an educational leader in Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. I'm passionate about modern, innovative, and student-driven education in this ever-changing world and I am dedicated to promoting a healthy working and learning environment within school where individuals have their needs recognised.

Whittlesea Secondary College holds the development of the whole child at the centre of its philosophy of education. From 2019, we are embedding student-centred learning with a focus on authentic student empowerment and personalised learning pathways. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity, creativity, imagination, compassion, self-knowledge, social skills and emotional health through the wide range of programs we offer.

 Our core purpose is to empower students so that they 'Take control' of their learning and their lives. We work together to help them find and use their voice, discover and enhance their passions and  foster the growth and development of the whole person so each student can thrive and contribute positively in the rapidly changing, globally connected digital age.

 The curriculum in the junior years is deliberately broad, ensuring each child can find and explore their areas of passion at the same time as being exposed to a wide range of knowledge and thinking. From Year 8 onwards vertical offering of subjects creates student choice and provides flexibility in the learning program ensuring that all students are engaged in their learning at their point of interest and challenged at their point of need.  Success in their future beyond school will depend on their ability to respond to new and unknown situations and problems. We recognise that learning can be challenging and students will encounter setbacks. We do not accept the language of 'can not', instead we instil a belief in our students that it is a journey and 'you might not be able to do it YET'- developing a growth mindset.

Please come and see us ‘at work’ during one of our school tours. It’s the best way to get to know us. Our students and staff will be happy to welcome you and share their experiences.

Kind regards,

Lian Davies


As well as being a dedicated and energetic educational leader with more than thirteen years of success in leading, motivating, and teaching, Lian Davies was the winner of the The Educator 2018 Rising Star Award for her inspiring work in her previous role at Templestowe College.

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