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A Note From The 2019 School Captain:

Kasey Hall

I began my studies here at Whittlesea Secondary College in year 10, 2017. In past years, I’ve studied in Sydney, NSW and felt a little lost with what I wanted to pursue in the future. As I was given the opportunity to move interstate, I realised I needed to find somewhere that will give me a sense of direction. Here at WSC, I was able to do so. With the welcoming, friendly staff and students along with the vast range of opportunities, I was able to pursue anything I put my mind to.

In year 11, 2018, I was given the chance to become a student leader. My goal as a student leader was to increase the student voice of the school. It is not only important to the school but also for me, as now the school captain, to make sure the student’s voices can be heard. Ideas, concepts and concerns from students will allow WSC to become more than a school, but a community.

Now, in my final year in high school, I am determined to follow through and to support as many students as I can to make their time at WSC as great as it has been for myself. I will strive to reach beneficial outcomes for the year to make 2019 for Whittlesea Secondary College one fulfilled with positivity which will be followed through the three school values - application, attitude and achievement.