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A Note From 2018 School Captain:

Kobe Hay

My six years at Whittlesea Secondary College have sparked a lively journey and created a path to a bright future. The dedication of the teachers, that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and learn from, has resulted in great outcomes, not only for me, but the whole school as well.

The opportunities I have been presented at WSC are unmatched, and it is the value placed on student voice in the College community that sets WSC apart. I have been a Student Leader from Year 7 and over the six years in the student leadership program, I have been honoured to be involved in countless projects. These projects have included our 'Kids Teach Kids' program, of which I have helped create, that brings the schools in the surrounding areas into strengthening relationships, as well as fostering young leaders in our community.

The debating program at WSC has also been a big part of my journey, and works to create friendly academic competition between schools, as well as engaging students and improving vital skills in communication and cognitive thinking. It has been extraordinary to participate and mentor younger students as they debate.

The sense of community amongst students, staff, parents and guardians is something also unique to WSC, as I have been able to witness first-hand on School Council, and in the wider Whittlesea township. I thank WSC - particularly its staff and my fellow students - for providing me with a drive for learning and a sense of curiosity, confidence and leadership - all things I believe are extremely beneficial as I strive toward a successful future and further education.