• Assistant Principal AP2 - Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Innovation

    Specific Responsibility Area Statement

    Each Assistant Principal will be designated areas of special responsibility within the overall Principal team, but will be expected to assist in other areas as needed and as a collegiate team member.

    The designated area of special responsibility for this advertised position will be in overseeing Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Innovation

    This will include overseeing whole school process for

    curriculum design
    assessment and reporting,
    staff professional development,
    data analysis,
    development of student individualised learnings plans,
    education policies,
    careers and pathways,
    ICT and elearning.
    This also includes Leading a number of Leading Teachers and Learning Specialists in these areas

    Applicants should note that this job description may change over the duration of the contract subject to negotiation. Whittlesea Secondary College is a growing school and the leadership structure will continue to evolve in response to such.

    The Assistant Principal will work as a member of the Principal Class team to:

    1.            Support the work of the College Council.

    2.            Implement the Performance and Development process, participate in staff selection and provide support for staff.

    3.            Contribute to the smooth daily operation of the College.

    4.            Provide support to staff and supervise students by being a visible presence in the buildings and grounds during the day.

    5.            Take a high profile in ensuring that the policy on student discipline and welfare is implemented across all year levels.

    6.            Oversee a high standard of student personal presentation and correct wearing of uniform at all times.

    Assistant Principals will regularly report to the Principal, and the Principal Class team as a whole will co-ordinate its activities through weekly meetings. 

    • Tours will be held on Monday 22nd July at 4.30pm and Friday 26th July at 3.30pm.

    • Please refer to the College Website to view the current Strategic Plan (2018-2021) and Annual Implementation Plan 2019

  • Leading Teacher - eLearning and Innovation - Ongoing

    The position of Leading Teacher: eLearning and Innovation will involve the continued coordination of the 1:1 device program introduced in 2019. 85% of students now have their own devices since Term 1, 2019. The successful applicant will be able to build a positive and exciting view of technology in school, and adapt to a rapidly evolving school culture. Superior communication skills will be essential, as the successful applicant will organise and address large forums of students and parents.

    Leading Teacher – eLearning and innovation

    Specific Duties:

    • Lead the role out of 1:1 devices across the school

    • To promote and advocate the use of eLearning across the college and to ensure that eLearning practices are effectively integrated into programs across the college

    • Leading and managing the implementation of the school operations and policies related to eLearning and innovation

    • To explore and introduce new and innovative technology into student learning and develop subject offerings in the area of technology

    • Provide training and coaching to staff in the use of eLearning technologies

    • Provide targeted professional development for teachers, including induction for new staff

    • Provide information sessions and training to parents and students

    • To oversee eSmart program at the college

    • Model exemplary classroom practise

    • To develop, implement and monitor online/social media protocols for students, staff and parents

    • Develop whole school digital storage and filing conventions for curricular materials and school documentation

    • Support role out of programs such as Literatu and Achieve 3000

    • Analyse data to evaluate approaches and to determine future directions and goals

    • Leading and managing professional development and performance documentation for staff directly reporting to you

    • Support the information and training of students and parents during student transition process annually–year


  • All vacancies are advertised on Recruitment Online and this is where applications should be submitted Click here for Recruitment Online


We value highly skilled staff who are experts within their field, but we also value those who may be new to teaching or their area of expertise who have a wealth of prior experiences, or are young and have a burning passion to help other young people grow and develop as learners. Whether teaching or support staff we all work towards achieving the one school vision.

The qualities we are looking for in our staff include, but are not limited to:

  • A demonstrated passion and ability to help young people achieve their goals

  • Creativity in your approach to education

  • Being a good role model as a life-long learner

  • Highly developed ICT skills and an ability to use these to assist learning

  • An enjoyment for working both inside and outside your own area of expertise

  • Having a broad range of experience, skills and passions

  • Being able to demonstrate how you know when students are making progress

  • Being skilled at motivating students

  • Being adaptable and flexible