WSC has always taken pride in delivering exciting, diverse, and innovative curriculum and has established a strong identity and tradition in fulfilling lifelong learning. Our curriculum has a high academic focus and we not only challenge our students but we encourage and reward persistence and good work ethic. Our students are empowered in their learning by choosing their subjects based on interest and curiosity.

Students starting with us from Primary school are called Entry Students. They are given a broad program of subjects to allow them a taster of the different areas available to them. After the complete their entry year they will choose the elective subjects they would like to try. All students supported when making these choices.

Above Entry
Students above entry level will undertake six subjects per semester made up of two core subjects and four elective subjects, with two semesters per year.

Senior students have opportunities to pursue diverse pathways in

VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)
VET (Vocational Education and Training)
VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning )and School Based Apprenticeships,

All of these pathways can lead to further education in University/TAFE and vocational pathways as well as Apprenticeships and careers. WSC has an outstanding Trade Training Centre facility on site to deliver Automotive, Engineering, Building and Construction VET courses.

Update: 2020 Subject Selection Handbooks

You can download our 2020 Curriculum Handbook here.

You can download our 2020 VET/VCE/VCAL Handbook here

You can access our booklist here using the code WHISEC

Core Subjects (2019)

Students can select from: Forging Ahead; Breaking Through; Foundation; Pre-VCE English; Pre-VCE English Language; or Pre-VCE Literature.

Students can select from: Get the Basics; Essential Skills; Preparatory Maths; Practical Maths; Pre-General Maths; or Pre-Maths Methods.

Confirmation of Core Subjects will be made in consultation with students, teachers, and parents or carers.

Elective Subjects (2019)

Students have the opportunity to complete their educational program by selecting four elective subjects each semester. Each elective subject runs for one semester and can run in either semester one or semester two, or both, depending on student numbers. To broaden their educational experience and keep future options open students are encouraged to sample subjects from across the full range of the curriculum.

Elective Subjects can be chosen from: Digital Technology; Food Studies; Health; Humanities; Physical Education; Performing Arts; Product Design and Technology (Textiles); Science; Technology; and Visual Arts. For more information, read our Electives Handbook.

Confirmation of Elective Subjects will be made in consultation with students, teachers, and parents or carers.

Subject Selection Advice

The Student Careers and Pathways office is located in the library. The Student Pathways Staff are available to provide support, guidance, and advice on any issue relating to course selection, career guidance, employment, and further education.

The office is fully resourced with relevant information related to course selection, employment opportunities, external agencies, and liaison with Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, Universities, and private institutes.

Students can make an appointment during recess or lunchtimes. Parents are also welcome to ring for an appointment to discuss career and pathways options.

It is highly recommended that students set aside time to thoroughly review the Electives Handbook prior to completing their subject preferences online for full advice.

Helpful Resources

If you would like further information on Career Pathways advice, please contact the Careers Advisor to book an appointment on 9719 1200.