“What was simply a subject I chose to do, helped me discover my future career.”

I’m Karina and I graduated from WSC in 2012. l’m a professional commercial photographer and globe trotter with a passion for people and adventure.

My experience at Whittlesea Secondary College helped assist in my personal and professional growth. I was presented with a wide range of resources that allowed me to help find what I was really passionate about and what would ultimately lead to further study and beyond. I was also able to meet people from my local community and become involved in extra-curricular activities like playing in the school band.

Reflecting back on it, the main positive experience at WSC was feeling very supported by my teachers throughout my studies. I was fortunate to have many inspirational, motivating teachers that helped deliver my education. I was also there to witness how the community came together following the Black Saturday bushfires, which implemented how strong a community can be in times of crisis. At the time, you may think high school is the be all and end all, however there’s a whole world out there waiting after you graduate.

WSC gave me many opportunities, specifically helping me find my passion for the photography and going on the complete my RMIT Bachelor of Art (Photography) degree, much to my science teachers dismay. What was simply a subject I chose to do, helped me discover my future career. I felt that a lot of my friends and peers were looking to pursue careers as teachers or nurses, and I always felt different because I was passionate about the arts.

In my VCE studies, I was given the opportunity to undertake VCE Music studies at Northland Secondary College. This proved vital to widening my network and opportunities outside of the immediate school community.

After graduating from RMIT with my degree, I went on to work within the photography industry in Melbourne and Sydney. I’ve shot for clients including LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics in Australia and the UK, exhibited my work in galleries, been internationally published, assisted on sets with many famous photographers and my career is still going. In hindsight, I’m still in the very early stages of my career - but I don’t have any intentions on stopping soon.

I have gotten to where I am today with the support of my friends and family, a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a lot of hard work. I’ve still got a lot of long term goals I am in the process of pursuing. I can’t speak highly enough of networking with as many people as you can and most importantly asking for help when you need it. Ask lots of questions and be inquisitive - no matter what occupation or opportunity you’re wanting to pursue. Don’t let being told you can’t do something mean you can’t do it! Since graduating I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot, and experience different corners of the globe but there's nowhere like home.

I’m currently based in the UK after a chain of life events found me here - I’m looking for my new home soon though!