Middle School Curriculum

Middle School (Years 9 and 10) is an important transition period for students as they gradually take more responsibility for their own learning. Year 10 students have a great deal of flexibility in choosing a program that suits them. They have fewer compulsory subjects, as well as the opportunity to study a VCE subject or commence a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course or start a School-Based Apprenticeship program. The College will assist each student to realise their full potential while encouraging independent learning.

The LEAP program continues to operate in Middle School.  It is designed to provide a challenging curriculum for students who have demonstrated aptitude and achievement in the subjects of Mathematics and English, as well as Science in Year 9. See the English, Mathematics and Science core subject descriptions for further details. Students are invited into the program by written invitation. Student selection is based upon academic progress in class, exam results, test results and teacher recommendation.

The Year 9 and 10 Handbooks provide subject choice information in addition to the administrative information for students in these year levels.